Horizon Engineering Core Values:

Our core values comprise the full spectrum of principles that our staff and management live by at Horizon Engineering. We know that by living these values every day, we will not only succeed at meeting our objectives, but also excel in every facet of our work. We will...

1. Employee Standards

  • • Hire and retain highly creative, dedicated and responsible employees
  • • Maintain an industry leading employee compensation and benefits package
  • • Challenge our employees to be independent, dynamic thinkers who provide solutions to problems
  • • Require our employees to be accountable for their actions, both good and bad
  • • Retain only those employees that embrace and consistently exhibit a commitment to our Employee Standards

2. Company Culture

  • • Create a professional, focused and comfortable business environment with opportunities for career growth and financial stability
  • • Consider family matters and respect personal life situations of our employees
  • • Foster an environment of trust and respect for one another to promote a cohesive team atmosphere
  • • Foster a creative environment that provides our employees with a sense of purpose and belonging and thus encourages them to participate as stakeholders in the ongoing development of the firm

3. Client Relations

  • Communicate to our clients that we respect them and appreciate their business
  • Maintain an interest and relationship with all of our clients – we are their partner
  • Identify and understand our client’s expectations – then clearly define our fees and timeline to address same

4. Approach to Services

  • • Maintain a constant awareness of the consequences our actions have on our clients objectives and proactively leave nothing to chance throughout the execution of our services
  • • Take a "global" approach to develop and communicate an optimal strategic plan to meet our client’s objective, then execute that plan successfully
  • • Only take on as much work as we can responsibly handle so that we can always provide timely, accurate and responsive services in an efficient and economically responsible manner
  • • Continuously strive to improve our services, skills and abilities
  • • Maintain a strong diversity of service types to provide our employees with interesting and varied opportunities

5. Corporate Objectives

  • • Maintain a stable operating cash flow, financial strength and stability for clients and employees
  • • Charge rates that are commensurate with the value of our services
  • • Strive at all times to be respected by our clients, municipalities, regulatory agencies and our peers as an industry leading firm.