The following represents just a sample of projects completed by Horizon Engineering. We welcome you to contact us for more information and invite you to visit our services page to learn more about the specific services we provide.

Kelly Road Corporate Campus

A recent expansion to the Kelly Road Corporate Campus doubled the size of the building to 15,000 square feet and allowed for the implementation of significant landscape architectural elements to provide a comfortable working environment for the building’s occupants. Located on two acres in Richland Township, Bucks County Pennsylvania, the Kelly Road Corporate Campus was transformed from a barren, stone and weed-covered site into a verdant garden setting. Welcoming entrance plazas constructed of colored and textured concrete in bold geometric patterns reminiscent of the Art Deco style are complimented by a dynamic palette of plant material providing year round impact. Continuing the bold geometric patterning, a circular, colored-concrete outdoor break area is located at the end of a meandering pathway of circular concrete stepping-stones. Embraced by a stone seat wall and ornamental plantings, this space is available as a temporary outdoor retreat for the building’s occupants. A stormwater BMP area was carefully designed, graded and planted to become a feature in the landscape and not only functions to improve water quality, but also serves as a strong visual amenity.

This project represents one of the primary reasons we feel we can respect and understand the challenges and hurdles associated with real estate development that our clients, too, face. The Kelly Road Corporate Campus represents the development of our own office building. Accordingly, we played the role of developer, planner, engineer, and designer. After performing a comprehensive feasibility analysis and the preparation of numerous concept layouts for the site, we began to work with our architect to develop a building footprint that worked with our site concepts. It was important that we not only maximize the development potential of the site, but also that it be accomplished in a manner that afforded the building’s occupants and neighbors an opportunity to enjoy a well planned, carefully designed facility.

The Kelly Road Corporate Campus project truly represents the spectrum of services we provide from land planning to engineering, surveying to landscape architecture, land valuation to land development facilitation, and permitting to construction support.

Wooded Ridge

Wooded Ridge is a residential subdivision nestled under a forested canopy in Marlborough Township, Montgomery County Pennsylvania. The project features 36 single-family homes on approximately one half acre lots arranged over 37 acres. Horizon Engineering was instrumental in working with the Township as the developer’s representative to affect a zoning change for the property that would include it within a cluster overlay district we had previously worked on creating with the Township for the same client. The original zoning for this property was split, providing for a mix of 10,000 square foot and two acre lots. We worked with the Township to incorporate the project site within the cluster zoning overlay district, allowing for a product the developer felt was more marketable for the geographic region. In exchange for the flexible lotting option – and consequently increased product marketability for our client – several environmentally and historically sensitive areas of the site were preserved in perpetuity for the municipality, truly representing a win-win situation.

Since the site is almost entirely wooded, Horizon Engineering worked closely between the developer and the Township to address the Township’s tree preservation requirements. Nestling homesites within a wooded setting prompted Township-required reforestation requirements be met to replace woodlands impacted by the development. We immediately realized an opportunity to institute meaningful plantings and reforestation on a nearby development site for the same client in the same township that was presently being worked on by Horizon Engineering. The Township agreed and the developer was afforded the opportunity to meet the Township’s requirements for tree replacement on Wooded Ridge by installing substantial supplemental plantings and reforestation on the nearby site, thereby creating a park-like setting on an open, expansive site for the benefit of the future homebuyers.

In addition to working with the municipality to incorporate the cluster zoning changes for the property and to address tree replacement requirements, Horizon Engineering served as the client’s development representative throughout the project. This included preparation of all plans, applications, permits and representation at all public meetings. Furthermore, we coordinated the hydro geological studies and testing necessary to obtain permitting and approvals for a community well for potable water supply. Currently, we are providing site construction layout, building permit plans and house layout services.

This project is an example of Horizon Engineering recognizing up front an opportunity for both our client and the municipality and subsequently seeing the concept through to reality to the benefit of both – truly a “concept to reality” success story. It is this type of initiative and effort upon which we pride ourselves.

Candlewyck Estates

Candlewyck Estates is a residential subdivision currently under construction in Marlborough Township, Montgomery County Pennsylvania. The community features 51 single-family homes on approximately three quarter acre lots arranged over 75 acres. Horizon Engineering was instrumental in working with the Township as the developer’s representative to craft and implement a new cluster ordinance for the property. Due to an unusually shaped site configuration, we quickly identified an opportunity for both the developer, from a construction cost standpoint, and the municipality in its ability to procure a large area of permanently preserved open space. With the authorization of the client, we worked directly with the Township and negotiated the generation of the new ordinance through to implementation.

Beyond the customary generation of site plans and procurement of permits and approvals, Horizon Engineering successfully secured sewage planning approval and Part II permits for the increased capacity rating of an existing private sewage treatment system located adjacent the project site. Horizon Engineering identified the ability to increase the capacity rating of this existing facility as an alternative to a physical capacity expansion and then handled all planning and permitting requirements with Pennsylvania DEP. This approach represented a substantial cost savings for the project as compared to that of a physical plant expansion.

To meet tree replacement requirements for disturbance on a nearby development project by the same client in the same township, Horizon Engineering immediately realized an opportunity to institute meaningful plantings and reforestation on the Candlewyck Estates site. By taking the replacement plantings required for the nearby Wooded Ridge site and installing them at Candlewyck Estates – an open, expansive site – we were afforded an opportunity to create a bucolic park-like setting as well as newly forested buffers. Additionally, Horizon Engineering developed a creative design for a tot lot well equipped to provide young future residents with a fun neighborhood playground spot that meets the Township’s recreational component requirements and the needs of future residents.

This project exemplifies how Horizon Engineering recognizes opportunities for our clients and subsequently how we do what it takes to see these opportunities through to reality. Candlewyck Estates represents another “concept to reality” success story.

Indian Valley Country Club

Indian Valley Country Club is nestled on 150 rolling country acres in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Horizon Engineering recently assisted with an expansion project that included a new swimming pool and cabana, tennis courts, golf practice facility and driving range, golf cart storage barn, and parking facilities. In addition to full site design and engineering services, Horizon Engineering developed specifications for Best Management Practices to meet newly evolving guidelines for erosion and sedimentation control and stormwater management.

The country club’s main entrance was dramatically redesigned to coordinate with that of the neighboring Indian Valley Greenes, a 99-unit active adult residential community focused around a large central common area complete with golf practice green. Since Horizon Engineering was already performing site design and engineering services for Indian Valley Greenes, an opportunity was afforded to not only coordinate the various engineering aspects of the projects, but also the aesthetic compliments as well, creating continuity between the country club and the new residential community.

Estates at Deep Run Creek

Estates at Deep Run Creek is a residential subdivision located in Bedminster Township, Bucks County. The community features 30 single-family homes on approximately one-acre lots arranged over approximately 80 acres. Horizon Engineering was instrumental in successfully negotiating one of the first package sewage treatment facilities in the area under one of the municipality’s agricultural protection zoning districts. Recognizing the opportunity to preserve larger areas of agriculturally significant lands, we negotiated on behalf of our client to implement a tighter clustering of the proposed lots by utilizing the package sewage treatment option. Further testifying to our resolve, we successfully obtained sewage planning approval and permitting for the treatment system which included overcoming certain effluent disposal obstacles via the implementation of an innovative groundwater infiltration system. Finally, Horizon Engineering directly negotiated on the client’s behalf with the municipal authority to take dedication of the treatment system. As a result of the careful planning and execution of the project, over 30-acres of the site was set aside as an agricultural preservation lot.

In addition to the coordination of all testing and studies required for the on-site treatment system, representation of the client at all public meetings, and negotiations associated with the ownership and operation of the sewage treatment system, we facilitated the overall development of the site inclusive of generation of construction plans, procurement of all permits and approvals, and oversight of the design of the sewage treatment system. The project truly represented an example of one of our core values, “treating every project as if it were our own”.