A truly successful execution plan for any development project, regardless of scope, includes the implementation of measures to avoid adverse impacts on the environment in which we all live. Horizon Engineering provides innovative, thoughtful, and economical solutions to facilitate the needs of our clients in an environmentally responsible manner. Whether designing site controls for construction projects, undertaking the development of an action plan for long-term environmental compliance, or providing on-going environmental inspections, Horizon Engineering takes great pride in doing What it Takes to address the environmental concerns of our clients and the public. The following provides just a sample of our Environmental Engineering services.

General Site Improvements

  • • Erosion & Sedimentation Control
  • • Construction Phasing & Sequencing Specifications
  • • Best Management Practices (BMP’s) Design
  • • Post Development Stormwater Management Plan Specifications
  • • E&S Control / NPDES Permit Compliance Inspections

Environmental Impact Services

  • • Wetland Encroachment Design
  • • Wetland Mitigation & Replacement Specifications
  • • Streambank Stabilization Specifications
  • • Riparian Corridor Management Specifications
  • • Riparian Corridor Replacement Design
  • • Woodland Evaluation Studies
  • • Woodland Replacement Specifications
  • • Environmental Impact Assessment Reports