Horizon Engineering offers a full compliment of professionally certified Site Engineering services to meet the individual needs of any residential, commercial, industrial, municipal or institutional project. Whether implemented as a full suite of services, or individually employed as a component of a projectís overall design efforts, our focus will always be to do What it Takes to provide a thorough, quality design that is attuned to the specific needs of the project, is economical to construct, is presented in a neat and professional manner, and is always delivered in a timely fashion. The following provides just a sample of our Site Engineering services.

General Site Improvements

  • • Site Configuration
  • • Site Grading
  • • Proposed Roadway Design
  • • Existing Roadway Improvements
  • • Parking Lot Layout and Design

Stormwater Management

  • • Stormwater Conveyance Facilities
  • • Stormwater Detention Facilities
  • • Floodplain Analysis
  • • Culvert Design
  • • Best Management Practices (BMPís)
  • • Drainage Improvements

Sanitary Sewer Facilities

  • • Gravity Sewer Conveyance Systems
  • • Sanitary Pump Station Facilities
  • • Grinder Pump Design
  • • Pressurized Sewer Conveyance Systems

Water Facilities

  • • Water Distribution System
  • • Detail further water facility services
  • • Booster and Well Station Design
  • • Tank Assessment
  • • SCADA System Services
  • • Air Stripper Design