Land Development

The successful completion of any real estate development objective requires the focused and thoughtful management of an action plan that is crafted to address the many phases of the land development process affecting each individual project. From the establishment of project objectives, and continuing on through land planning and concept development, site design, permitting, approval acquisition, and ultimately construction, every project must be managed and represented by qualified individuals that possess the focus, dedication and experience necessary to do What it Takes to successfully navigate the land development process. The expertise and real world experience of Horizon Engineering’s owners and staff provides our clients with reliable solutions to their project management needs, and our Land Development Facilitation abilities enable us to confidently step to the forefront for our clients. Horizon Engineering can lead you through the land development process, and act as the primary project contact with municipalities, regulatory agencies, and neighboring property owners and community groups to ensure that the project receives proper representation throughout all facets of the approval process. Additionally, we can work with our clients to identify the need to include the expertise of other specialized consultants or business professionals in order to meet their objectives. Together with our other technical service areas, our Land Development Facilitation services truly provide our clients with the full service capabilities needed to succeed. The following provides just a sample of our Land Development Facilitation services.

Project Representation

  • • Public Meeting Presentations
  • • Completion of Municipal & Regulatory Agency Applications
  • • Expert Testimony at Public Hearings
  • • Offsite Easement / Right of Way Acquisition Support
  • • Technical Support to Legal Representatives

Consultant Coordination

  • • Legal Issues
  • • Traffic Impact Studies
  • • Environmental Assessments
  • • Subsurface Soils Testing
  • • Wetland Evaluations
  • • Structural Engineering
  • • Hydrogeologic Studies
  • • Sanitary Treatment Facility Design