Land Planning

The successful implementation of any endeavor can be attributed to careful planning. Nothing can be more accurately stated when undertaking any residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal or community development objective, regardless of the scope of the project. At the inception of any project, it is critical to establish a strategic development program in order to define overall objectives, assess site constraints and environmental factors, determine regulatory influences, and establish fiscal and time line objectives for the design, approval, and construction phases of the project. Horizon Engineering’s Land Planning services provide the focus and detailed attention necessary to equip our clients with the up front understanding of What it Takes to achieve their specific development goals. Land Planning is supported closely by our Graphic Design Department, which provides high quality graphic material for public meetings, submissions, or general support purposes.

The following provides just a sample of our Land Planning services.

Master Planning

  • • Establish Project Objectives
  • • Site Suitability Inspection and Evaluation
  • • Title Report Review
  • • Utility Availability Evaluation
  • • Generate Detailed Design Guidelines
  • • Concept Plan Generation
  • • Phasing Option Analysis
  • • Constructability Analysis & Conceptual Design
  • • Construction and Maintenance Cost Analysis

Compliance Evaluations

  • • Municipal Ordinance Review & Assessment
  • • Municipal Site Capacity / Density Calculations
  • • Evaluation of Regulatory Agency Permitting Requirements
  • • Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Index Research (PNDI)