Agency Permitting

The successful completion of any development project involves the coordination with a wide range of regulatory agencies. At project inception, it is critical to identify and understand the specific regulatory agency permitting components that may influence the land development approval process in order to meet approval timeline objectives and ensure regulatory compliance. Horizon Engineering understands What it Takes to ensure regulatory agency compliance, and provides a detailed permit acquisition program for each individual project in order to identify specific permitting requirements associated with the site design elements, submit permit applications at the appropriate time in the approval process, track permit status, and ultimately secure the required permits and/or approvals. The following provides just a sample of our Regulatory Agency Permitting services.

Earth Disturbance Permitting

  • • County Conservation District Approvals / Permitting
  • • PA DEP General & Individual NPDES Permitting

Sanitary Sewer

  • • PA DEP Planning Module Preparation / Act 537 Planning
  • • PA DEP Part II Construction Permitting

Watercourse Encroachment Permitting

  • • PA DEP General Permits
  • • PA DEP / US ACOE Joint 105 Permitting

Public Roadway

  • • Municipal Permitting for Public Roadway Connections & Improvements
  • • PA DOT Highway Occupancy Permitting for State Highway Connections & Improvements
  • • PA DOT Minimum Use Driveway Permitting
  • • PA DOT Utility Installation Permitting